March 9 – March 14


Twitch Drops are an opportunity to earn rewards simply while enjoying live streams. These rewards will be very sought after by players who are interested in playing Pacer.

How it all works

1. Link your accounts

Log in to Twitch on this website. We’ll send the reward to the email address connected to your Twitch account.

2. Watch particular streamers on Twitch

Watch Pacer streams on Twitch. The ones that will have Twitch Drops with rewards will be marked as “Drops Enabled”.

3. Earn rewards!

Join live broadcasts from the streamers-participants and get a rewards for Pacer once every 30 minutes. Watch longer to earn more rewards.


Pacer 5% discount code – after 30 minutes of watching

Pacer 20% discount code – after 90 minutes of watching

Pacer 10% discount code – after 60 minutes of watching

All rewards will be automatically sent to your email after you claim it in the Inventory section on Twitch.


Which streamers do I have to watch to get Twitch Drops rewards?

Do I know which reward I will get?

Am I guaranteed to get a reward after watching a broadcast from one of the streamers-participants?

How will I know if I have received a reward?

Can I get the same reward multiple times?

Does watching a recorded stream (VOD) count?

 Do I have to watch a single Pacer livestream in one go to earn a reward?